A Digital Coaching Journey in

Pitch Excellence

from Coachical

Learn how to prepare, structure and deliver winning pitches.

Explore proven ways to structure your pitch, develop your pitch delivery skills and drive up your pitch win rate with a personalised digital coaching journey from Coachical.

Coachical directs you to learning materials that meet your development needs… as identified by our pitch excellence diagnostic.

Key Learns:

Your virtual coaching plan will explore…

  • How great pitching can drive success and what a good pitch looks like.

  • Our 5 Big Pitch Differentiators that will help you achieve pitch excellence.

  • The importance of planning and preparation to successful pitches.

  • Beginning with your client / audience’s objectives.

  • How to engage your audience at the start of you pitch, with an effective and succinct Value Proposition.

  • How to ensure maximum relevance and resonance.

  • How to demonstrate a strong understanding of your client’s needs and build your pitch around their requirements.

  • A structure for pitching your recommended service, product or idea in an impactful and persuasive way.

  • How to optimise your communication techniques and influence your audience.

As you work through your coaching plan, your virtual coach will point you towards the most relevant learning resources and materials from Coachical’s Pitch Excellence Learning Room.

The Pitch Excellence Learning Room features a range of learning materials to suit different learning styles.

Videos include demonstrations of core skills and processes, explanations of best practice models and Q&As with our topic specialists.
Vibrant and interactive, the webstories are perfect for exploring a specific subject in depth. These interactive narratives feature a blend of written description, videos, diagrams and activities.
Self-Learning Guide
The detailed self-learning guides explain best practice approaches and include activities to help you apply the tools in role.
Animated Videos
Engaging, fun and quick to watch, our animated videos are an easy way to begin exploring best practice approaches.
From practical challenges to try with a colleague to online knowledge checker quizzes, Coachical’s activities help you practise, test and apply your learning.
Click through the flashcards to refresh your memory on key points.
The infographics explain a key principle, process or model in an easily digestible and visually impactful way. They are a great visual aid, helping you to apply new approaches in role.
Resources & Tools
Quickly access key models, resources and tools.

Why choose Coachical over an online Pitch course?

With Coachical you can;

  • Work with your own robo-coach. Select one of our 4 virtual coaches to guide you through your coaching journey.
  • Identify your specific development needs. Complete the Pitch Excellence diagnostic survey to identify where your strengths lie and where you should focus your learning efforts.
  • Work through a targeted coaching plan. Your virtual coach uses the information from your diagnostic to create your personalised coaching plan.
  • Jump to the topics of most relevance to you. Rather than working your way through a course built for all, Coachical points you towards the topics that will most help you in your areas of need.
  • Receive motivational reminders from your virtual coach. Your digital coach will send your prompts and reminders to help you complete your learning journey and elevate your performance.
  • Refer back to any topic at any time. Continue to advance and elevate your learning with full access to all learning materials and reminder aids.
  • Optimise other key skills with Coachical. Expand your knowledge with a coaching journey on another topic in Coachical. For example, work with your coach to optimise your negotiation or sales skills.

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