21 Top Tips to Get Your Next Promotion

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Video Transcript

Today we are going to run through some easy hacks that can help you get your next promotion.


1: Self Assess Your Performance

First, consider your current performance. How do you think your clients, your colleagues and your boss view your work?  Is there anything you can improve?


2: Have a Plan

Once you’ve identified where you can improve, make a plan.

You may need to secure a new qualification, develop specific skills or hit specific targets to be considered for promotion.

Create a plan and celebrate each milestone as you achieve it –  it might be a long road to success.


3: Further Your Education

Make sure your plan includes ways to expand your knowledge and develop your skills. To stay ahead you must never stop learning.


4: Find a Mentor

A mentor can help keep you stay motivated, can offer advice and help you make connections.

Look for someone who is established in your field and who you are comfortable with.


5: Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

Prove you can handle new tasks by getting outside of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to try something new and push the boundaries.


6: Volunteer

A great way to do this is to volunteer. Put yourself forward for additional projects… and be seen as someone who is looking to do more.

Volunteering will not only get you noticed, it will also help you develop additional skills.


7: Be the Best

You need to excel where you are now in order to be promoted up!


8: Track & Document Your Success

Note down key details and results from successful projects. Results are key to a business, be ready to evidence your contribution to the business’ success.


9: Own Projects From Start to Finish

And take responsibility for projects from start to finish. Become known as someone who can get a task done!


10: Take the Initiative & Solve Problems

Don’t be afraid to explore other options and try something new… a different, more effective solution, may just get you noticed.


11: Be a Team Player

Whilst you want to stand out from the crowd, you also need to show that you can work well in a team. Being a great team player is a crucial skill at every level of an organisation.


12: Share Credit

And remember, no one likes a credit hoarder. Celebrate your personal successes, but remember that part of being a good manager is celebrating the success of your team.  Always acknowledge the people who help you.


13: Help Colleagues

Also, go out of your way to help colleagues, particularly if they are busy. Good leaders will notice those who go out of their way to support others.


14: Work Smart Not Hard

Hard work is important, but the most important thing is to deliver results. Be efficient and effective and work smart.


15: Act Professionally

Always look and sound professional. Act like a leader… and people will accept you as one.


16: Don’t Get Involved in Gossip

In the same vein, nothing derails your career like negative comments. Don’t spread gossip and try to void being the subject of gossip.


17: Focus on Your Long-Term Goals

It may take time to get the right promotion and move up through your organisation. Don’t get disheartened by short-term setbacks.


18: Make Your Ambitions Known

You won’t be considered for a promotion if it’s not known you’re interested in one. Make sure that those at the top of your organisation are aware of your ambitions and goals.


19: Find Out What the Hiring Managers Value

Find out what your leaders look for. What skills gaps are they looking to fill in the management team?


20: Create Your Own Opportunities by Suggesting a New Position

You can take the initiative, even if your company isn’t advertising any senior roles. Start by identifying a strategic gap and then present yourself as the perfect candidate with a written proposal for management. Even if your boss doesn’t go for it, this will show that you’re ambitious and thinking strategically.


21: Keep a Positive Mindset

Finally, remember to stay positive. Treat mistakes and setbacks as a learning opportunity and believe in yourself. You will get there!


Thanks for listening to our tips. If you’ve found them helpful, please share this video with others and if you’re looking to develop your skills, do come over to Coachical and see if we can help you get your next promotion.

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