An Introduction to Coachical – An Interview with Jon Luckett

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Jon Luckett, Client Director at Coachical and Bigrock, introduces the new digital coaching experience offered by Coachical.

In the video we put the following questions to Jon:

So, is it true that Bigrock has a new digital learning tool?

Yes, the tool is called Coachical, and it offers learners a digital coaching experience… but with a difference!

Coachical has been designed to give learners their very own virtual coach, or ‘robo -coach’, who takes you through a personalised learning journey.

When learners first use the tool, they begin by completing a diagnostic survey in their chosen topic. This enables Coachical’s virtual coaches to identify the learner’s skill gaps and build them a highly personalised and targeted coaching plan.

“Key here is that these virtual coaches behave just like a real coach”

We have 4 ‘robo-coaches’ for learners to choose from, each designed to appeal to different learning styles.

Key here is that these virtual coaches behave just like a real coach. They know what excellence is. They understand how and where the learner can improve. They then direct the learner to the most relevant learning tools and solutions. They help the learner work through their coaching plan.

Initial feedback is that this is a much more targeted and effective learning process than that offered by other digital learning platforms that in effect are just a library of content.


So, in your view, what makes Coachical different?

There’s 3 key elements I would highlight.

  • 1) The digital coaching experience. This is so much more than an online library. The ‘robo-coaches’ provide learners with a coaching plan that they can work through. They also direct learners through each stage of their coaching journey, sending regular reminders and motivational messages prompting the learner to progress through their coaching plan. It’s very engaging and dynamic.

This is so much more than an online library.”

  • 2) The content. Coachical houses our popular suite of digital learning tools that share our expertise and best practice built up over our many years of experience gained in training and consultancy. There’s a wide range of key business skills that we offer, including the likes of leadership, management, sales, negotiation, and presentation skills.
  • 3) You can add your own content too. Our virtual coaches have been built so that they can absorb excellence in any topic. Our business clients can populate Coachical with their own content and build a coaching journey on any subject. So, in addition to the content we already offer, we can create bespoke learning journeys for additional content that our clients want to bring into Coachical. We’re already speaking to clients about the likes of product specifications, compliance manuals and induction materials, as an example.


What does Coachical offer to business leaders?

I think there are a number of key points I would highlight here.

Firstly, Coachical offers a pretty unique learning experience. And as I just mentioned, businesses can use the Coachical tool to upskill their people on any topic.

Because Coachical is an online system, it can be very cost efficient and can work around your team’s busy schedule. And it can be used as a stand-alone training solution, or in conjunction with a F2F training programme to help embed the learning.

Plus, Coachical’s reporting and analytics enables businesses to support and effectively measure their people’s development and progress over time. Leaders can also compare capability across teams, ensuring no potential goes untapped and that new skills are put to good use.

One of the key challenges with any learning is engagement – be that digital or F2F. How do you motivate people to use the available resources to learn?

Coachical is designed to address this and make the digital experience as much like working with a real coach as possible.

“ensuring no potential goes untapped and that new skills are put to good use.”

It sends learners notifications prompting them to come back to their coaching plan and work through the learning. The virtual coach is there every step of the way.

And this is a key reason why we believe it offers a real step up from the solutions many organisations are currently using.


If you’d like to know more about Coachical contact us today. Or, if you have any questions you’d like to put to Jon and the Coachical team, ask your questions in the comments below.

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