Q&A: Do I need specific skills to be a manager?

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Every role is different and so is every manager. Yet, if your management role involves supervising others, then it is likely you will need some new specific skills.

Often, successful people are promoted in to management roles because they have been successful in their previous role. The best sales person in the team is promoted to be sales manager. But just because you were a good team player, doesn’t mean you will automatically be a great manager.

Time and again, we speak to new managers who are struggling to succeed in their new role.  Usually, it’s because they haven’t had the opportunity to learn the specific management skills they need.

The best managers don’t just lead by example. They also actively help their team members to improve and deliver success. They act as a coach, they help team members develop new skills and they help the team overcome challenges. This takes specific skills.

If you have just been promoted to a management role, or want to be a manager in the future, you need to develop your skills for:

  • Inspiring others and creating a culture of excellence
  • Conducting observations and giving motivational feedback
  • Setting clear and achievable objectives
  • Coaching your team members
  • Delivering engaging and motivational 1-2-1 performance review meetings.

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