Get to Know Coachical’s Digital Coaches: Introducing AVA

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AVA is Coachical’s drawing coach. She helps guide learners to the best learning with a gentle approach.

One of the first things you do on Coachical is pick your virtual coach. There is even a short questionnaire to help you choose. This is so important, as the coach sits right at the heart of Coachical.

The questionnaire suggested AVA was right for me. I find her gentle style encouraging and nurturing. Her messages show how she understands my learning needs and communication preferences.

AVA and I share a passion for the creative arts. Though whilst she enjoys painting and the history of art, I prefer working with modern industrial materials to create my pieces.

The coach is key to progressing on Coachical. AVA sends me reminder notifications and prompts to help me keep up with my coaching plan and discover new learning.

Would AVA be the best coach for you?

Let us know which of the Coachical coaches you choose in the comments below. Start your coaching experience now to choose your coach.

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