Get to Know Coachical’s Digital Coaches: Introducing OVI

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I’d like to introduce OVI, our persuading coach.

At the start of the Coachical journey, learners select a digital coach to work with throughout their digital coaching experience. If you’re not sure which coach to pick, there is a short questionnaire to help you choose.

OVI is my preferred coach. I find his analytical, evidence-driven, approach reassuring. His measured approach reflects my own way of thinking.

Whilst we share a passion for detective novels and Sherlock Holmes in particular, I’m not such a fan of long distance running.

The coach is central to the learning experience on Coachical, helping you work through your coaching plan and pointing you towards the learning materials that will help you most.

Would OVI be the best coach for you?

Let us know which of the Coachical coaches you choose in the comments below. Start your coaching experience now to choose your coach.

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