Get to Know Coachical’s Digital Coaches: Introducing SAM

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Meet SAM, the assertive coach on Coachical.

When learning with Coachical, you work with one of four virtual coaches.

Each learner can pick their coach or can complete a short questionnaire which points them towards the coach that might suit them best.

The questionnaire suggested that I’d like SAM.

He is direct, clear and concise. He quickly gets to the point, which is perfect for me.

Like me, SAM is a rugby fan and enjoys an active lifestyle. Though I’m not sure we share a taste in music.

The coach helps you progress on Coachical. SAM has created a personalised coaching plan for me. He guides me to the best learning tools for each stage of my coaching plan. He also sends me reminder emails and useful prompts that help me find time for learning in my busy schedule.

Would SAM be the best coach for you?

Let us know which of the Coachical coaches you choose in the comments below. Start your coaching experience now to choose your coach.

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