Q&A: What’s the point of Coachical’s virtual coaches?

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When you’re learning on Coachical, one of our robo-coaches is always there to support you.

There are 4 coaches to choose from: AVA, OVI, SAM and NEL. You may have already taken our quiz to see which coach is best suited to you (not taken it yet? Take the quiz now).

Your robo-coach is your guide throughout your learning journey. Your coach will…

  • Build you a coaching plan that breaks down the learning into bitesize sections. Your coach will highlight which learning tools you should start with and what to do next to progress.
  • Help you to stay engaged by sending you reminders by email prompting you to come back to your coaching plan and complete your next bitesize section.
  • Help you apply new learning and achieve your goals by sending you reminders and insights, on each section that will prompt you to try new techniques in your day-to-day work and life.

So why have 4 different coaches?

We all respond differently to different styles of communication. Some people prefer a direct approach, whilst other people find this style uncomfortable.

Coachical’s 4 coaches each have a different style of communication, designed to appeal to different people. You can choose the coach that will inspire you… or take our quiz to find out which coach we’d recommend for you.

Click here to learn more about our coaches’ different communication styles.

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